Our Mission

To underpin all brand communications with a single, consistent and deep view of a consumer and context.

Amnet’s mission is to build and leverage data in order to deliver more meaningful and personalized messaging insights. Our expert team specializes in enriching the relationships between our brands and their customers and the experiences that they have with each other.

Our Key Asset: Our people.

  • Without question, our outstanding team is what makes Amnet the great company that it is. We continue to grow through hard work, passion, smart thinking and most importantly, as a team that genuinely loves working together.

    Michael Law,

Our Values.



We were born to adapt. Our teams thrive on change and realize that to keep up with an evolving consumer means being willing to continually revise and adjust how we reach them.



We actively encourage a collaborative spirit that amplifies our power as a team. We see ourselves as an extension of your team and the closer we work together the better our results will be.



We communicate honestly with each individual and partner vested in the company. We value building long term relationships with our clients just as we do with our Amnet family and that extends to the brands that we work with.



Creative minds and empowered employees leads to risk-taking, innovation and success.



We treat our clients as partners and uphold our commitment to their prosperity.



We have a lot of it. There is a reason that so many of our employees feel like they are going to work everyday with their friends.