Our Approach to Customer Acquisition.

We believe it’s important to fill all levels of the funnel to ultimately target against a robust lower funnel pool of users and fully achieve reach and scale.

Recommended Acquisition Tactics.


Retargeting is an amazing tool to re-engage existing customers and site visitors, and can be refined and optimized to ensure users are receiving the most appropriate messaging at the right time based on the frequency and recency of visitation and/or purchase. This is where we come in. Our teams are experts at understanding the best optimizations to deploy to fine-tune retargeting and maximize conversions


Your first-party data is the best tool to use when driving customers to convert for your brand. A great way to extend reach is to access offline CRM data and convert that data into online, actionable segments. Through privacy-compliant measures, Amnet is able to locate your offline customers and prospects online, where and when they are browsing, to ultimately drive results.

Real-time Creative

A powerful way to capture a user’s attention and prompt them to re-engage with your brand is through dynamic retargeting. In real-time, Amnet can tailor your creative units to reflect a message that will resonate with your customer. We have a deep understanding of the process and will help guide you through the best approach.

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