How insights lead to performance.

Insights are only valuable if they inform or change the buying decisions we make. We know what types of sites your customers visit, what their interests are and most importantly how those characteristics impact your performance goals.

What to do with data.


There is a lot you can tell from looking at the types of sites that your customers visit before they engage with your brand. We can see which sites they frequent the most using your specific goals, determine where the best Private Marketplace opportunities are and determine which sites to whitelist to focus your message on the most relevant users. Along with these strategies we can leverage this data to get the most valuable user to engage with your brand.


Understanding your audience is what data is all about. We can use this information to determine your customers interests and use that information to target new potential customers who share those interests or use that to power creative decisions, future strategies or adjust our campaigns on the fly to account for changes in our target audience.


What landing pages do you have that result in the highest number of conversions? Is that where you are driving your new customers? We can look at the overlap between pages on your site, sites themselves, or publishers to create the best possible experience for your customers. 

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