Let us show you some of the things that we can do to reach you based on your interests.

Here's how we would target you programmatically.

We are proud of you, not that we would judge you for watching TV. Using data, we knew you were going to be working out anyway. So, while you are pumping out some reps, we’ll play some ads for you on your favorite streaming workout stations.

You don’t listen to those? Ok, we can also target the fitness app that you are using on your phone. We can even reach you based on the number of times per week that you hit up the gym.

Our goal is to show you ads that make sense based on your lifestyle. Yours happens to involve fitness, but we’re willing to bet that you watch a little TV too. Either way, we can reach you with ads that you’ll care about no matter what your interests are.

Here's how we would target you programmatically.

So you chose TV. 57% of our team did too, so don’t feel guilty.

Since you are going to be watching the tube we can reach you on your tablet while you catch up on TV show recaps, or we can use connected TV data to determine that you are streaming your favorite reality show on demand. You’re into social media too, huh? it looks like you are checking out #hashtags from celebs and promoted tweets. We can reach you there too. The point is, you don’t watch shows that you don’t like and your ad experience should be no different.

Find the best programmatic tactics by goal.

Our approach for Awareness.

We believe that programmatic is an extremely effective tool to aid in the process of prospecting for new customers, as well as delivering new messaging to brand loyalists. Using data analysis, we help you cut through the clutter and qualify customers before ever serving them an ad, resulting in highly refined and targeted upper funnel strategies.

Tactics include:

  • Data-Driven Behavioral Targeting
  • Audience-Led Contextual Targeting
  • Algorithmic Optimized Prospecting
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Our approach for Driving Acquisition.

Not to brag (ahem), but we are great at hitting acquisition goals. Whether you are looking to gain new customers, drive increased revenue or meet a sales goal, we can tailor campaigns to achieve your objectives. Trust us…we love the challenge.

Tactics include:

  • Robust Retargeting
  • CRM On-Boarding
  • Real-Time Creative Optimization
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Our approach for Driving Traffic.

Our goal is to interpret user browsing patterns and behavioral data to empower activation against the ones that are already engaged with your brand and want to learn more via the brand site or in-store visitation.

Tactics include:

  • Search Retargeting
  • Hyper-local Targeting
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Our approach for Audience Insights.

One of the biggest advantages of programmatic is the ability to use data to inform strategy. We can quickly adapt to your changing goals and audience and have a much deeper understanding of your consumers. We apply this knowledge to everything we do for your campaigns from strategy to execution.

Tactics include:

  • Site Insights
  • Audience Insights
  • Exposure
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