Assessing the situation.

Your Goals.

Every strategic conversation should begin with an in-depth look at what is most important to your brand and what you are trying to achieve. We strive to immerse ourselves in your business and gain a deep understanding of your goals and objectives.

Your Audience.

What good is an award-winning media strategy if not targeted to the correct person? At Amnet, we hold data very near to our hearts and believe it is a powerful tool used to not only learn more about your customers, but also discover new, untapped potential.

Our Amnet Audience Center gives you access to a wealth of knowledge and insight about your brand’s customers. Let’s untap the potential.

Consolidated Digital Services.

Ever wonder what would happen if you let a team of passionate, smart, creative people get their hands on your media plan? We bring a cohesive, cross-channel solution to increase performance for every brand we touch.

Doing it all over again.

Optimization fueled by learning and insights are a never ending piece of the overall story. As quickly as the programmatic space changes, so do your campaigns. Our goal is to remain nimble and flexible at all times, adapting programs as needed to ensure we are constantly reaching the right audience for your brand.

Leveraging data and technology to define solutions.

What Data can we leverage?

To put it simply – all data. At Amnet, we have access to not only your own first-party data, but loads of other data from both second and third-party sources. The options are endless.

What Technology can we use?

We pride ourselves on being technology agnostic, which in a nutshell means we can work with any partner and are not required to work with any one technology. This is important because not every technology partner is created equal, meaning not every partner will always make sense for your campaign. We love having the flexibility to choose the best option for you.

What Channels will we use?

Desktop, Mobile, Video, Out-of-Home, Audio, Social, etc, etc, the list goes on. Amnet has a passion for both the traditional and emerging channels, and we are truly experts across the board. With specialty groups mastering the art of management across all channels, you can rest assured your campaign will always be in the most expert of hands.

How We Achieve Your Goals via the Programmatic Solution.


Every story begins by developing awareness of the brand or product.


We are able to continue your brand’s story once we drive a user to your brand’s website.


Engagement with your brand leads to a lasting relationship with the user.


The best type of story is the one written about your customers.