Amnet China picked up a silver award in 2016 China Advertising Great Wall Awards for ‘Best Big Data Marketing Campaign’. Also, the team scooped excellence award for its cutting edge, data-driven mobile programmatic strategy. The highly-regarded accolade which recognizes the very best in preeminent work of the advertising industry, has been one of the largest and most influential celebrations of advertising in China since 1982.

This year over 2700 entries were received from more than 190 leading agencies, publishers and advertisers across the country and beyond. For the big data marketing category, only two organizations including Amnet were shortlisted for the final round and awarded.  On Oct.22, 2016, the award ceremony took place at the Convention Center of Hainan Province.

The winning case of “ECCO Intrinsic2 Big Data Marketing Campaign” is seen as Amnet’s latest breakthrough in mobile programmatic with micro moments. Amnet has reinvented the way brands engage with their target audience and convert prospects to offline visits, by utilizing cutting-edge cookie-mapping, look-alike modeling and LBS technology together with retargeting tactics to reach on-the-go target audience. The strategy of using in-feed native ads pays off as well, driving substantial online engagement in a subtle way.  The results speak for themselves, with nearly 30 million total impressions and 30% lower CPC for banner ads.

Amnet has been on its fast track toward shaping its next-generation big data blueprint. Amnet’s proprietary data management platform, Amnet Audience Center (AAC) is tapping into the tremendous potential of big data that empowers marketers to identify high-value customers and get a complete view of their purchase journey across all devices. As a founding member of the Big Data Union (BDU), AAC has privileged access to the data of an 80 million audience per day. Also, AAC has inked a strategic data partnership with Tencent, China’s internet gwithiant, in a move to break down data silos together and facilitate data application capabilities. Currently, AAC is extending its privileged data access in a partnership with the newly-opened Shanghai Data Exchange (SHDX) , the country’s first and only online data exchange marketplace which enables auction-based data buying, cross-institutional cooperation and integrated application of business data & government data.

Apart from Great Wall Awards, this year Amnet has snatched up top honors presented by other prestigious industry awards including Golden Mouse Marketing Awards, the 3rd Annual Digital China Advertising Awards and Tiger Roar Awards.