Amnet China today unveiled the industry’s first ever research report concerned with the future of programmatic native video, in collaboration with Miaozhen, one of China’s leading omni-marketing data & technology solution providers. As a sequel to the programmatic video white paper released earlier this year, this report is poised to dig deep into the rising trend of native video adoption in China, carving a big-picture vision for how brand marketers can embrace opportunities of programmatic native video in the fragmented media landscape to boost audience reach and engagement performance.

The most common mobile native video advertising options in China’s market involve in-feed social and news units. Based on over 2000 in-feed video ad campaigns running from Jan 1 through June 31, 2017 in Miaozhen’s database together with over 100 billion recordable impression data analyzed by the joint research team, the report develops a practical guide to leveraging native video, addressing the full range from the related programmatic buying models, brand strategies to performance analysis by vertical sector.

“Encouraged by increasing mobile penetration and game-changing programmatic technologies, “programmatic + native video” has emerged as the next frontier at the era of digital marketing. More than just a buzzword, programmatic native video that features a seamless approach to driving contact efficiency and consumer engagement, is opening up a truly valuable marketing opportunity for both performance and branding advertisers in China, “ said Lawrence Wan, Amnet China Managing Director. “Committed to transforming cutting-edge trends into competitive advantages for our clients, we are excited to present the latest findings through the release of our research report, which has marked an important step in sparking wider discussion, closer cooperation, and ultimately pushing forward scalability of programmatic native video offering within the entire industry. “

According to the report, the core value of native video advertising is to fit in with the app or mobile site’s established editorial style and tone so that the display of moving visual content offers a personal and interactive user experience. Powered by big data and programmatic technology, native video has found its feet in a more effective and efficient way. With multi-dimensional tagging systems and targeting tactics in place, native video ads can be delivered to right audience who are most receptive to the messages, leading to not only greater audience, richer user engagement, but higher conversation rate than traditional ad formats. The report reveals that in 2018 programmatic native video will continue to grow and step into a new stage:

For the buyer side, apart from performance advertisers, branding-based marketers are opt to spend more on native video advertising as well. Miaozhen’s data suggests that branding advertisers in the food, travel and beverage industries are among the largest spenders in native video advertising of 2017 H1. Coupled with growing attention from advertisers, a number of premium media publishers are setting out to build up high-quality inventory and mature programmatic buying models for native video ad business; Although pre-roll ads are seen as the key ad format incorporated into current digital marketing strategies, the report reveals a mixed model of “pre-roll + native video ads” would deliver better engagement performance, when lifting audience reach capabilities to a higher level.

Jie Zhao, Chief Marketing Officer of Miaozhen System, commented: “as the popularity of the ad format of native video is growing, it is important to strengthen efforts to facilitate communication and collaboration on data and technology among key stakeholders from advertisers, agencies, media to third-party tracking platforms. With the aim of creating a bright future for programmatic native video adoption in Chinese market, we are looking to further work with industry partners, developing effective measurement metrics and applicable standards that help advertisers navigate evolving digital changes and maximize ROI with programmatic native video. “


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