Our approach to generating brand awareness.

When generating awareness, it’s important to sit down and identify the key goals and objectives, as well as what the messaging will include. For example, there may be a different recommended approach for a campaign driving awareness of a completely new brand versus a new product launch from an existing brand.

Recommended Programmatic Tactics / Services.

Behavioral Targeting.

Utilizing data intelligence gathered from our data management platform, the Amnet Audience Center, our teams will identify the segments that make sense for your brand and campaign objectives. This process involves a mix of 1st party and 3rd party data to ensure accuracy and scale. Segments are then layered over media for activation whenever and wherever it’s most optimal to target the user. We believe in the power of data and maximizing its potential for your campaign’s success.

Contextual Targeting.

Finding the right users, by accessing the right content, at the right time. Contextual targeting is a great way to reach a customer who is interested in a topic that is relevant to your brand, but we take it to the next level and verify the audience is also relevant, through use of our data management platform, the Amnet Audience Center. You can think of this as reaching a Fashion Enthusiast who is in the process of reading a fashion-related article and serving them an ad for a fashion brand. Timely and extremely relevant.

Algorithmic Optimized

Through the use of robust technology platforms, Amnet is able to cast a wide net across the web and allow the system to flex its muscles, so to speak, to find the best users for your campaign. Over time, and with the help of Amnet’s optimization team, the algorithms will adapt and begin to automatically find and bid for customers who match the profile best suited for your brand wherever they are browsing. Artificial intelligence with a human touch.

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