Our approach to drive traffic.

We look at all potential factors that would drive a potential customer to visit your site or store including relevance of messaging, type of audience targeting and best technology platform and channel to reach your goal. But we don’t stop there. Once we get a customer to your page, we learn from their actions and optimize our campaigns according to what aligns best with your target audience, ultimately reaching additional, new customers.

Recommended Programmatic Tactics / Services.


A great way to drive users to visit your site and learn more about a product, service or offering is to hone in on those who have already exhibited a search-based interest that aligns with your brand. Amneteers use this tactic to capitalize in real-time on users who are actively exhibiting behaviors that indicate they may be interested in visiting your site to learn more. This is also a great way to align your search campaigns with your display campaigns by focusing on top performing search campaign keyword success.


What better way to drive a user into your physical store location than to reach them with messaging as they are passing by your doors? We have the ability to target as granularly as the actual latitude/longitude point-of-location of a customer, ensuring your ads are viewed by users who could easily stop by and redeem an offer in-store or check out a sale in-progress through their mobile device.

In-feed Native Units.

Native units are new and emerging, fun and different, and a way to grab a reader’s attention without the use of more obvious banner ads. Due to the nature of this format being highly engaging and interactive, users tend to not only click, but WANT to click to learn more. This is an amazing way to increase the reach of your campaign while ultimately driving traffic to your web site.

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