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Joe Frazer

At the age of 7, Joe found himself being drawn towards a particular item, he felt as if there was nothing else he wanted and you could often find him jumping on his bike, hitting the streets, and making the rounds at the local milk-bars searching for every Wicked Fizz flavour he could find.

There was no real reason for this, although in an attempt to justify his rapidly increasing weight, Joe made the decision to place the blame squarely on the head of a promotion he would continually see on the side of his Rev bottle in the morning. Thus was the birth of a love/hate relationship with what he now knows to be psychology, and more specifically, advertising.

Joe came to Amnet in the Winter of 2014 seeking a pay check, what he found was far more than that, it was a genuinely welcoming environment which has since grown to become a passion for programmatic advertising, and a desire to revolutionise the wider media landscape.